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The Belgian Association of
Research Managers and Administrators
in European funded projects.

BE-ARMA supports professionals active in the management of European funded research and innovation projects. BE-ARMA is an association for and by its members. The network aims to stimulate peer-to-peer learning and exchange of best practices.

Activities of BE-ARMA are currently steered by a volunteer committee composed of representatives from Ghent University (UGENT), Flanders Make, Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Hogeschool Gent (HOGENT) and NCP Flanders.
The Steering Committee can be reached at:


Network of peers to exchange knowledge in the field of EU project administration

Share knowledge and expertise

BE-ARMA members can exchange best practices and ideas to build knowledge and expertise on European project management

Share between peers

Our community enables interactions between peers to be able to quickly help each other based on a pool of expertise around Horizon programs. We share experiences leading to best practices in research management

Trainings and courses

We provide training events and courses on relevant research management topics to promote expertise and professional development of BE-ARMA members


We offer opportunities for greater networking to share our professional experiences with others research management professionals and develop our member’s careers

Online tools

BE-ARMA members have access to an interactive tool with discussion forum and online resources


Training events and courses for BE-ARMA members

Presentations available on TEAMS

Upcoming events

Third Live Event
Cybersecurity & AI in Research Management. Check the flyer. More info (sessions) via registration form on OneButton

Past events

Online webinar - AI & Ethics in Horizon Europe
Second Live Event
Online webinar - Continuous reporting novelties in Horizon Europe
Online webinar - Insights in the Funding and Tenders Portal
First Live Event
Kick-off event of BE-ARMA
Project meeting

Target Group

The network welcomes anyone located in Belgium who has a professional interest in the management of Horizons Projects, be it from academia, industry or the public or private sector.

Join the BE-ARMA Community

  • Register to get access to the MS TEAMS of BE-ARMA through the link given in below.
  • After approval by the steering committee, you will be admitted to the BE-ARMA MS TEAMS.
  • Before registering to the MS TEAMS, you must read the code of conduct and accept it in the registration form.
  • For any question, mail to
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